See WL Submission Checklist.


Check the rubric.  How does your paper score?  Would you like more points?  Use the green packet to get there. 


Word count must be 1200-1500 words which includes:


Word count does not include:

            Citations, works cited, paper title   



Final Manuscript:

Create a Title Page:  title page should be centered both vertically and horizontally.  Do not make this a separate file, just a first page of the electronic document.  (Be sure to insert a page break at the end & to make the first page of the document different on the header/footer commands.)






English A - Literature - HL
World Literature Assignment

(Title should include the name of the work and should clearly indicate the topic or approach)


Student Name
IB Candidate Number  (001505- ___ )

Session: May 2013



1.     Create a one-line header for the document that includes name, IB candidate number, WL (e.g. Sue Brown 001505-000 WL)

2.     Create a footer with the page number centered as Page 1 of___ (from Autotext under Insert)

3.     Make sure all line numbers are removed.

4.     Double space the final copy using New Times Roman 12 pt. font. 

5.     Set the margins at 1.25 for right and left and 1.0 for top and bottom.

6.     Put the final number of words at the end of the paper before the Bib.

7.     If the Works Cited could easily fit on the final page of the text of the paper, do so in proper form.

a.   All papers must give the bibliographic information on the work about which you wrote, including the translator(in addition to any outside resources that you used in any part of writing the paper.)

b.   Example of proper format:

Endo, Shusaku.  Silence.  Trans. William Johnston.  Marlboro, NJ: Taplinger Publishing Company, 1969.  Print.



Final steps:


SAVE your essay to your school folder (not a sub-folder in it) in this way:

            Last name-first initial, underscore, WL – Final-Feb.2013.

Example:     Browns_WL_Final-Feb.2013.doc

Do not put it in any subfolder.



Complete & print 2 copies of the IB cover sheet (choose the one with your teacher’s name from last year).

          for former Higgins students

          for former Schmitt students

          for former Schvaneveldt students


Reflective Statement:   
            Print two copies.  Copies should have page numbers in the footer & your name & IB # in the header.

Complete & print 2 copies of the form from WC homepage – Save as to your folder – Last Name, first initial-Form2013
            The number of pages attached includes the Reflective statement & the World lit final paper, NOT the Supervised Write.

Organize your pocket folder in this way:

FOLDER LEFT POCKET – Supervised write (with your highlights from connections) followed by the one copy of the reflective statement and the FINAL PAPER FROM LAST YEAR (can be written on from step1 rev).

FOLDER RIGHT POCKET –All revision print copies & any other revision pieces (such as a hand written addition).

FOLDER LOOSE IN THE CENTER –2 complete copies (each stapled together in this order):

  1. IB completed form, signed and dated IN PEN
  2. the original reflective statement with your name and candidate number on each page
  3. the final copy of the WL paper to be submitted to IB