FHS Composition
Research Paper -- Bowen

Due: Tuesday, January 24, 2017
This is a DEADLINE. Whatever you have completed must be submitted on that date.
If you are not satisfied with your achievement and choose to improve on it, please check in with MsB to discuss priorities and arrange a due date.

Type:  Formal research paper with parenthetical documentation

Genre: Expository

Subject: International problem / solution (select from your assigned countries)

Sources: At least ten (10) different sources, assessed for credibility

Length (total of all sections) -- 1000 words (D) to 1400+ (A)
eCards – 15 cards (D) to 25 eCards (A)
Detailed grading rubric can be viewed here.
Deadlines are on your checkpoint page: click here.

Supplies Needed:
Library / database access
Typing (Writing Center, etc.)
White paper, black ink, boring font

To Be Turned In:
Typed, double-spaced, stapled in this order:
     Title page
     Body with parenthetical documentation for EVERY fact
     Works Cited
Completed yes/no on requirements page
Completed checkpoints page
Email:  ALL eCards to bowena  A T  sd5. k12. mt .us

REQUIRED TO PASS:  Responsible management of information

FOR A/B GRADE: Effective presentation of information