Reading Assignment  

Independent reading (in class and out of class)

Due _______________


How much to read & write

A = 2000

B = 1500

C = 1000

D = 500



A = 2000 minutes read + 2000 words in response*

B = 1500 minutes read + 1500 words in response*

C = 1000 minutes read + 1000 words in response*

D =  500 minutes read +  500 words in response*

For maximum credit, the number of words should be greater than or equal to the number of minutes.

In-class discount:  each reading day counts for a full 60 minutes if you are present and awake and in class for full reading time.


Bring your book on reading day:  5 points

No book = 0 pts. & read assigned book.  (Minutes/words still count.)


What to read (When in doubt, ASK)



Novels (book-length fiction)

NO textbooks


Something that you can "get into" for the full period

NOT offensive (by parent/community standards)

Certain nonfiction (with approval)


NO magazines, newspapers

NOTE:  You are not required to finish every book you start!



What if I hate reading?

You may not have found the right book.  Ask friends, family, teacher, librarian for suggestions.  Keep trying until you find something good. 




*See other side for reading record requirements

Reading  Record

Psst...your grade depends on it!


How often do I have to write?

At least once a week.

Respond to all reading, in class or out. You may write each time you read OR once a week.


What do I have to write?

Sample entries:  (handwrite neatly IN not type)





Page #s




G. Maguire








Response:  I canŐt believe how much I like this book.  I usually have no patience for fantasy--talking animals, sorcerersŐ spells and so forth--but itŐs the inside story of ŇOzÓ: who wouldnŐt be curious?

words = 34






The narratorŐs voice has so much sass and intelligence that I can put up with the leaps of logicŃa pregnant woman floating around the kitchen? ItŐs also the characters, like green Elphaba herself; I never would have guessed the wicked witch of the west could be so dear.

words = 49


Note...a response is different from a summary. 

Don't tell me what happened in the book.  Tell me what happened in your mind, and what in the book made it happen. 


Some starting points for responses...or come up with your own. 

I like/don't like...

I wonder why...

I don't understand...

I predict...

What does it mean...

I am reminded of...

I wish the author had...

Why does/doesn't the character do, think, feel such and such...

It bothers me when...

What is ________ ...?

I agree/disagree with...

I feel...

Good line:  (copy and explain why)

I think more people should...

New vocab word from book with context and dictionary definition