Poetry Seminar Evaluation  2013                                                              





Criterion A: Understanding and interpretation

        How well does the student’s interpretation reveal understanding of the thought and feeling of the poem?

        How well are ideas supported by references to specific language in the poem? 


Criterion B: Appreciation of the writer’s choices

        To what extent does the analysis show appreciation of how the writer’s choices of language, structure, technique and style shape meaning?


Criterion C: Organization and development

        How well organized, coherent and developed is the presentation of ideas?

        How well does the student cover all of the areas required of the assignment?  (Includes PowerPoint)


Criterion D: Language

        How appropriate is the choice of register, style and terminology? (“Register” refers, in this context, to the student’s use of elements such as vocabulary, tone, sentence structure and terminology appropriate to the commentary.)


Criterion E: Synthesis and quality of research

        Does the literary criticism used by the student represent quality credible sources that are properly cited?

        How well does the student integrate researched literary criticism with his/her own original interpretations?


Criterion F: Handout

        To what extent does the handout contain all of the elements required of the assignment?

        To what extent is the handout formatted as required for a useful study tool for the IOC?


Presentation Criteria Sub-total



Seminar Prep

Handwritten Poem /15

Arp Steps 1 - 16                /15



Participation:  Written Daily Prep



Participation:  Listening / Speaking



Poetry Seminar grade